Project Large Town Garden

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Project Large Town Garden

The previous garden was a large open lawn with mature trees and a nice walled backdrop to one side and a river frontage at the bottom. The brief was to break up the garden into different rooms and spaces, whilst still maintaining some open lawn areas.

Curving, sinuous yew hedging now divides the garden into different spaces, allowing for new areas and hidden rooms to be discovered. These rooms allow numerous seating opportunities that take in the views from different perspectives around the garden. Stone, gravel and lawn pathways link these different areas, with plenty of planting interest in each area with grasses, blocks of perennials and shrubs.

A direct pergola walk, softened with evergreen jasmine, links different areas and has a more formal room at the end of it with a large urn, box hedging, Italian cypress trees, scented planting and the curved yew hedging as a backdrop.

Other elements include the renovation of an existing pond, circular lawns, large perennial borders, open lawn towards the river, and meandering paths through woodland planting, Acers, bamboos and other shade tolerant plants.