Project Stable Courtyard

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  • Zelkova Design Projects

Project Stable Courtyard

A communal garden for residents of the converted stables in part of a much larger estate. Two courtyards are part divided by walling and hedging and are linked by a water feature and rill that threads through the two areas.

Both courtyards have formal beds with box hedging, central topiary and planting to soften the areas. The top courtyard has box hedging, topiary cones and seasonal bedding plants whilst the lower courtyard has box hedging, standard bay trees and flowering perennials and grasses.

The planting contrasts well with the various shades of blue of the stable dwellings.

The courtyards are enclosed by a low picket fence and there is a small wildflower meadow close by.

Materials used are sandstone paving, timber sleepers, sawn stone and blue brick.