Project Terraced Town Garden

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  • Zelkova Design Projects

Project Terraced Town Garden

A steep garden on different levels needed a complete overhaul, with the introduction of new terraced areas, steps, seating opportunities, retaining structures and a garden studio.

Timber sleepers have been used as the main material for the retaining walls and raised planting beds around the main terrace and slopes at the back of the garden. Gabion baskets filled with coursed stone, capped with sawn sandstone create the first retainer around the dining terrace and provide extra seating too. Sleepers and gravel steps provide access up to the garden studio as well as to a raised seating area with views over the garden. Three oak arches soften the neighbouring building and frame the views to and from the seating area.

Planting softens the low timber retaining walls underneath the mature oak tree. Repeated elements of box balls and scented climbers add formality to the main terrace.

The lawn has been levelled and is retained with a stone wall where a lower planting bed has been filled with tall flowering perennials and shrubs. Five large pots with box balls create interest in front of the existing brick retaining wall.